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2018-11-06 Pethő Réka

Budapest, 2013
95 sqms apartment
interior architecture, design, and full project managament of construction works

A complete reconstruction of a newly built apartment: we re-designed the spaces, the demolitions, the changing of the cladding, and created a unique, personalized home.

Young, modern, feminine and friendly spaces awaited the young owner, clean shapes and shiny, shiny surfaces, in the spirit of this, and we have manufactured custom built furniture.

Despite the fantastic features of the apartment, unfortunately, in many ways it was not ideally functional, so at the beginning it was a great challenge for me to persuade the owner to change the floor plan because it would make sense of the expense in the long run.

2018-11-01 Jónás Dorka
The interior architect, like the interior decorator, deals with the design of the interior space, studies the harmony of the colours, substances, lights and many other details. The difference is that the interior architect acquired the bases of architecture during his studies and he starts the planning process from a constructional visual perspective, just like an architect: he sees spaces, environment and volumes.

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