Our Services

Full interior architectural planning

Though the spaces I design are always visually spectacular, I still think that the greatest value of a property (besides its location)is its proper usability, its ergonomic layout and all the functional features that suit for all of the needs whether it is a living place, a workplace, a hotel or a catering establishment.

Interior design, decoration

We gladly accept interior furnishing work as it is a crucial part of the interior design.

Project Management

Beyond the interior architectural planning, we offer the management of the construction works, such as
– the selection and tendering of the contractors;
– searching for materials to be built in, invoicing, delivery service and handling complaints;
– coordination and scheduling of the construction works, time planning;
– clarifying the estimated costs;
– regular visits to the construction sites and continuous consultation with the workers;
– coordination of the designers (architects, static and mechanical engineers, electrical designers etc…)

Collecting Materials

Searching for materials to be built in, invoicing, delivery services and handling of the possible complaints.

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