01 / First encounter

During the first encounter —

we begin to get acquainted a longer conversation where we assess customer needs and ideas. Let us know as much information as possible about you.

02 / At the same time

The property —

We study the possibilities of the properties.

03 / We find place for all

The functions —

This is one of the most important parts of the process, to which all the design work is based on. The work begins with inventing all the functions: we offer floor plan alternatives and interior design solutions.

04 / We start

Counting —

We prepare preliminary cost estimates for different solutions.

05 / Preparing

Drafts, scetches —

Due to the agreed final floorplan, we start creating given aesthetic character. This may be a longer process, until the whole draft is assembled.

06 / We make

Tender plans —

Based on the agreed drafts, we prepare demolition, construction, electrical and mechanical drawings. Creating list of works.

07 / Finding

The right contractors —

Collection quotations for construction works.

08 / Finalize

Materials —

Based ont he final aesthetic concept (cladding, sanitary ware, furniture designs, colors, floor coverings).

09 / Making a final

Cost estimate —

10 / Final

Consignments —

Compilation of shopping lists: ordering and delivery of materials.

11 / Final

Design plans —

Final interior architectural plans, and documentation. (demolition, bricklayer, plasterboard, ventilation technical, heating, electrical, mechanical, enveloping, carpentry…)

12 / Begin work with

Selected contractors —

Detailed consultations, regular on-site visits, ongoing consultations.

13 / We always represent the customer

Project management —

Our aim is to manage the works properly, and correctly, due to our client’s interest.
Conducting building permits, negotiating with departmental plans.
Collection of bills, preparation of contracts, coordination of construction works, time management, negotiation with contractors, procurement of materials, invoicing, payment management, reclamation management.

14 / Time for

Interior Design and Decoration —

Textile works, furniture, decorations.

15 / Turn-by-turn

Delivery —

Last touches, cleaning, fixing mistakes, settlements, billings…

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