How to choose a lamp? – an expert’s advice

2018-11-01 by Jónás Dorka

Are you sure you want to start by selecting luminaires?

With the well-designed lighting system, we are able to make the spaces practically usable; we can emphasize the visual elements of the interior design, highlight the various functions, and make the interiors cosy with hidden lighting.

I think the lights should not suppress the character of the space, but must facilitate its features.

Whatever space it is, when lighting is designed, the proper amount of light, energy consumption and the aesthetic effect must be taken into account at the same time.

First, measure the light requirements of the space. For example, a living room as a community space requires other lighting than a kitchen or a damp bathroom.

When planning to arrange your home, try to imagine how you could function in your home! Think about the spaces where you will need local lighting and where the scattered (general) light would be enough!

From the viewpoint of space planning, be sure to choose the proportional luminaires that match the room size. Excessive or too small luminaires may cause confusion.

Appropriately positioned, halogen-controlled or LED luminaires can be used to emphasize the beautiful details of a given room: you can enlighten pictures, statues or ornaments by almost grazing the wall with a light.

Table lamps and standing lamps hidden in false ceilings or furniture can create a pleasant, intimate atmosphere. Not to mention that the intensity of the most luminaires can be controlled (dimmed).

Surely you’ve been caught up in abundance …

If you are not sure where to place luminaires or you just need some good advice and ideas, we are at your disposal…