How to make our bedroom to be like a first-class hotel room?

2018-11-01 by Jónás Dorka

Before you start …
The hotel designers, before they start creating a guest room, first create a “mood board” that reflects the atmosphere of the hotel and its interior as the rooms have to fit the environment, but they should satisfy the convenience of the quests as well.

You should start with this, contrary to the hotels; your room has to fit your personality and taste. The bedroom is typically a point of the flat that is an “escape island” in life, where you can rest and it is your intimate place.
Enjoy the research, use a large board where you can stick or put colour swatches, photos or even patterns of material.

In a hotel room it is expected to create a „flexible heaven” for the guests in a small place where they can do several activities. You can also create a sleeping area, a small reading corner, a small table for work and a dining area. It can be done with every room, regardless of its size. First of all, write down the activities that you want to do in that specific space!

Ambiguous convenience aspects
Check the acoustics of the room whether you can hear the neighbours. Ventilation and heating also have to be checked. If you can, make soundproofing for the common wall sections. It is also worth re-enabling the floor and if you make a wood cover, put a knock-resistant sponge under the parquet.

Most of the first class hotels use a carpet in their rooms as it is very comfortable, warm, good thermal insulating, soundproof and easy to clean.
Use wallpapers that particularly lighten the mood of the room and enhance comfort.
It is very important that the bed is blown directly neither warm nor cold. Next to the beds there should be a multi-branch light switch that allows you to control all lighting of the room separately.

Light it!
In first class hotels, the following factors are taken into account, when designing rooms:
– at the entrance and at the side of the bed, 3-point switches are placed that switch everything,
– the interior lighting of the wardrobe cabinet will automatically light up when the door is opened
– there is a separate mirror and ceiling lighting in the bathroom ,
– automatic shutdown controller almost in every device.

The bed
Get the best mattress if you can! This is one of the best long-term investments in your life! Forget the usual bed cover, made a bed skirt and cushions that match your curtains and carpets! If you can, buy first class bedding, believe it, you will never regret it!

And finally: make it personal!
Decoration paintings, local special pieces are placed in many hotels, so that guests can feel the connection with the city they are just visiting. Do not be afraid to place your favourite paintings, family photos or tiny objects that evoke good memories in your own room!