What does the Interior Architect do?

2018-11-01 by Jónás Dorka

The interior architect, like the interior decorator, deals with the design of the interior space, studies the harmony of the colours, substances, lights and many other details. The difference is that the interior architect acquired the bases of architecture during his studies and he starts the planning process from a constructional visual perspective, just like an architect: he sees spaces, environment and volumes.

The interior architect is aware of the architectural requirements, construction materials and technical solutions. Their plans and drawings for the constructors are detailed and accurate.

This is what you can expect from an interior architect/designer:
– Depending on the function of the property, whether it is an apartment, an office or a business premise, the interior designer first assesses the operation and ergonomics of the whole space.
– Creating new floor plans if necessary;
– The interior designer knows which design is the most cost-effective;
– The interior architect can assist in the selection of the contractors: making a tender plan and writes a detailed list of the construction works that need to be done.
– Provides a full documentation of construction planning: brickwork, demolition and construction plans;
– New lighting and electrical plan;
– Creating water engineering plan: the places of angle valves ( it does not include the drawings of the plans of gas, water supply and sewer lines);
– Choosing, collecting and ordering detailed material specifications. Luminaires, sanitary wares, colours and materials matching;
– Design custom furniture, both in material and in colour, will be in harmony with all the materials in the interior.

An interior designer may also be responsible for the execution of the construction work! Once this has been completed, he is expected to carry out the same service as a decorator: the selection of furniture, luminaires, textiles, decorations and accessories that will complete the interior.

But let’s remember the following: The interior designer was trained to pour aesthetics and functionality into a science / mathematical form. Many of them are extremely talented in designing the interior construction, so in some cases it’s worth leaving the final furnishing to others.