2004, I graduated as an interior architect at the Marbella Design Academy in Spain.

In a Danish-owned school, we were encouraged, to dare to create, and let our imagination flow, and at the same time to think in structure and function, because in real life we ​​must bear in mind the conditions of the realization.

During my 2nd Academic year, I worked at Ibermaison, a designer furniture store, where I got to know the largest furniture manufacturers and the products of the most important designers.

At the last year of my studies, I gained experience in visual design, presentations and custom furniture design at Global Design SL., a local interior design office, in Spain specialized in luxury villa and 5* hotel design.

After my studies, I worked in Budapest based  interior architectural office, Arkitektor Ltd. I was mainly preparing technical drawings, specifications, and detailed construction plans.

I worked in an Israeli-owned real estate sales office where I understood the thinking of real estate investments.

In 2007 I started my own interior design studio in Budapest.

My passion is living a healthy, self concious lifestyle, and regular sport.

In 2004 I got an aerobic training diploma (IFAA, International Fitness and Aerobic Academy)

During my university years, and later on my full time work, I held group trainings in various gyms.

I started to yoga in 2014, nowadays I am part of regular daily practice.

In 2017 I was awarded the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher’s Degree (Yoga Alliance)

In my spare time I give yoga classes.

In 2015, I was a founder and co-owner in Budapest, of a fitness club, which was specialized in group trainings.

My mother tongue is Hungarian, fluent in English and Spanish, basically in Italian and French.

I have a daughter, named Abigail and a dog, called Lola.